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Changing the Trajectory of Emerging Leaders and Organizations

In the past and in certain cultures, when parents wanted to teach their children how to swim, they simply threw them into the pool. It took a few minutes, but eventually, the children either figured it out or started sinking. 

One can say most companies use the same approach when it comes to onboarding and developing young professionals and emerging leaders. There is no development plan in place and a young professional is simply thrown into the deep end. The results, in the majority of cases, are not pretty for the individual or the organization. Many young professionals and emerging leaders are drowning! Especially in the new remote workplace. 

With the unprecedented challenges this pandemic continues to bring, it’s safe to say that the Future of Work is here and it has ripple effects across the entire talent lifecycle and experience. Young professionals are trying to navigate and succeed; however, lack the real-world and future-ready soft skills and workplace cultures that equip them to take ownership of their careers, lead, succeed, feel a sense of belonging, and contribute at their highest levels. 

According to top accredited sources, 74 % of Gen Z and Millennial professionals say they lack confidence in their ability to effectively navigate this new environment and are looking to their organizations to help them develop the necessary “soft” skills they believe will be more important as jobs evolve.

They rank leadership development opportunities as one of the top benefits they care about from employers. The opportunity of such resources or lack thereof directly impacts companies’ recruitment, engagement, and retention. 

The sink or swim approach has cost organizations an annual company loss of $160 Billion due to lack of retention. 

Companies that are most aligned with emerging talent in terms of purpose, culture, and professional development are likely to attract and retain the best Gen Z and Millennial talent and, in turn, elevate company results. 

So how can organizations stay relevant, innovative, and gain traction in their bottom-line driving toward the competitive advantage they seek when prime talent has no problem with walking out the real or virtual door? How do our universities and non-profit workforce development organizations effectively empower the talent pipeline, particularly POCs from marginalized and underrepresented upbringings to compete and succeed?

What this generation wants and needs is a little swim lesson and an inclusive ecosystem that can change their trajectory and that of the company.

This is where we come in. As a talent and culture development company, WE BELIEVE that every emerging leader and organization should be equipped with the tools and cultures to thrive and experience belonging.  

We live at the intersection of the workforce and the workplace. 

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Workforce: Workforce development and university partners look to us to implement career readiness and leadership development solutions that break down barriers to success and equip Gen Z with the skills they need to authentically navigate, accelerate performance, and be future-ready leaders that thrive. We help them build a leadership pipeline for the Future of Work.

Workplace: Businesses and organizations engage us in all phases of the talent management lifecycle when they’re ready to: 

  • attract, onboard, and developing emerging leaders, particularly diverse talent
  • increase engagement and retention of diverse talent
  • upskill and reskill existing leaders that affect the ecosystem and success of emerging leaders
  • reimagine, innovate, and build DEI solutions that are measurable to enhance culture and business results. 

Organizations are facing declines in engagement, performance, productivity, morale, and more; directly impacting their bottom line. It’s imperative for all to rethink and retool the approach to talent and culture development solutions for our work, the workplace, and the workforce.

That’s why our approach to talent and culture development is different, so your results will be different. 

As a diverse team of consultants who are whom we serve and have lived the lesson we teach, we bring a unique package of abilities, expertise, and solutions that are relatable, nimble, and measurable; helping you reach your goals. 

At Pivotal Impact, we don’t leave performance to chance. As a result of our solutions, emerging leaders are not only able to swim, but also dive and relay, clinching the gold medal of peak performance in inclusive cultures that can keep them there!

Discover what your organization can do differently to position itself to effectively develop talent and inclusive culture in today’s challenging market.

Shoot us an email at to learn more about our practical, powerful, and proven results! 

Cheers to your success!

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