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Minimize barriers to success of early career talent
Fast track performance
Increase engagement and retention
Elevate productivity and growth
Improve new hire experience
Measure and track success

It’s a known fact that Gen Z and Millennial talent display a gap in soft skills critical for effective leadership and performance in the real-world. Without proper development of these skills, engagement, performance and retention decline. Here’s the good news! Young professionals want to fill this gap to immediately add value, advance, and make a difference. When young professionals feel their employer is invested in their professional growth, they’re more likely to stick around for the long haul.¬†Develop, engage and retain them with custom on-boarding and leadership development that fast tracks potential to performance!

We customize measurable face-to-face and e-learning:

  • on-boarding leadership programs
  • professional development workshops
  • performance coaching
  • and organizational development consulting

Our solutions include interactive real-world simulations and experiential learning taught by subject matter experts who have lived the lessons we teach and recognize the unique challenges faced by early career talent, particularly from under-represented groups.

We elevate performance and growth strengthening your leadership pipeline.


Custom On-boarding & Leadership Development

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Real-world interpersonal skills critical to performance and success.

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Equip your young professionals to hit the ground running in your company. Signature topic areas for program design or stand alone workshops include:

    • Discovering Authentic Leadership: Self-awareness, strengths & values
    • Company culture consciousness
    • 90 days in your new role
    • Mentors & Sponsors
    • Effective communication (verbal & email)
    • Building Winning Relationships & Social Capital¬†
    • Activating Emotional Intelligence
    • Executive Presence
    • Taking Initiative
    • Self advocacy
    • Project & Time management
    • Crucial Conversations
    • The macro of Microaggressions
    • Managing up
    • Navigating the workplace

Achieving excellence is a journey not a destination. As high-potential talent transition into internal leadership roles, we provide 1-on-1 coaching:

  • To refine leadership and communication skills that increase effectiveness to lead and influence others.
  • To help talent gain greater competence and overcome barriers to improve job performance on an as needed basis.

Organizational Consulting

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Accelerate performance and retention of your early career talent.

By partnering with stakeholders we’ve identified sustainable learning and development solutions that elevate outcomes of both young professionals and their leadership. By empowering direct leaders who have the most impact over the experience of your early career talent and their performance, you can engage and retain talent. Our research-based approach is designed to help:

  1. Managers succeed with new and diverse talent – gaining insights and tools needed to effectively engage, develop, and retain talent.
  2. Young professionals thrive in the real-world of work using their strengths and values as a compass to generate more individual fulfillment, decision-making and bottom-line impact to the business.

We transform organizational results through custom:

  • Talent, DEI, and culture engagement assessments
  • Early career On-boarding Program design
  • Management Training & Development
  • Focus group facilitation
  • Measurement & Evaluation Strategy
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