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Our Founder's "WHY"

Candace D. Washington

Founder and CEO, Pivotal Impact

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Pivotal Impact was born out of failure, frustration, and first-hand experience by our founder, Candace D. Washington. As a millennial, she struggled for years learning the hard way that emerging leaders need far beyond book smarts to navigate, lead, and succeed in the marketplace.

As a diverse young professional, gaps in real-world skills and challenges navigating non-inclusive work environments were barriers to her success affecting job performance, decision-making, individual and organizational effectiveness. She was left feeling disengaged and underdeveloped watching others advance while she was left behind.

Over the next decade, Candace leveraged resources that increased her consciousness and competence to take ownership of her career and elevate her career trajectory within organizations.

Today, as a successful leader in her field, Candace founded Pivotal Impact - a leadership and culture development consulting firm on a mission to change the trajectory of emerging leaders and organizations through professional development tools and inclusive cultures that equip talent to authentically navigate, accelerate performance, and thrive; generating the greatest results for themselves and organizations.

Many young leaders entering and navigating the workplace face a familiar story of challenges stifling potential - especially those from marginalized and underrepresented upbringings. But not on our watch!

Pivotal impact is moving the needle, transforming potential into performance, increasing leadership impact within and beyond today’s organizations.

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