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You’re on a mission to empower underrepresented emerging leaders from the most resilient communities with life skills and experience necessary to reach their full potential – and SO ARE WE, because we are who we serve and have lived the lessons we teach!

Leading national, community-based not-for-profits, and associations partner with us to custom design and deliver interactive, online and face-to-face workforce and professional development programs/ workshops. Our workshops demystify the workplace and build agency for young talent to become self-starters; navigating work environments with personal and professional excellence.   

Whether you’re preparing talent for the workforce or they’re a few years in, let’s help them hit the ground running and thrivetogether.


Real-world interpersonal skills employers crave.

Signature Program

Beyond Book Smarts AcceleratorTM

Partner with us to...

Build the next generation of diverse leaders
Minimize barriers to success
Gain peace of mind knowing they’re ready
Increase retention rates
Measure success

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Beyond Book Smarts Boot Camp (BBS) is a professional development experience that addresses unique barriers and challenges of diverse talent to accelerate success, performance, and results in their internships or career.

Participants build self-awareness and the mental fortitude critical to success in the workplace. Core competencies align with research-based skills needed for the future of work. Students learn and apply skills to effectively lead themselves and navigate agile business environments. This boot camp is action rich, focused on application to set your talent up for success.

Delivery: Blended learning = Virtual + Online
In-person (by request only)

Length: 3 weeks (ask about customized extended programs)

Who should attend: Interns, rising young professionals, first-generation
students, and apprenticeship participants navigating the workplace and/or
transitioning from college to career.

  • Online peer-learning community with reinforcement tools, shared experiences, and support.
  • 3 Live learning labs/ webinars
  • 3 hours of self-paced online learning per week
  • Bite-sized learning videos
  • Storytelling from real, relatable, diverse professionals across industries
  • Scenario-based learning, gamified activities
  • Discussion groups
  • Group coaching
  • Practical application exercises to ensure participants immediately apply new knowledge and skills.

The Beyond Book Smarts Accelerator will empower students to:

• Own their career development and path

• Improve their career placement outcomes

• Increase confidence and competence to navigate and thrive in life and work

• Minimize barriers to job and career success

• Build competitive advantage and accelerate performance

• Make better decisions and achieve more fulfillment through increased self-awareness

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Team Building

Organizational Staff & Teams

Cohesive Team Cover

Work with us to customize a team building experience that will elevate your staffs ability to support emerging leaders and successfully carry out the mission of your organization. Improve team dynamics, communication, daily interactions, and organizational outcomes. Our results-driven strategies address recurring concerns that hinder teams from reaching full potential. 

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