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Speaking Engagements and Pop-Up Panels To Educate, Inspire,
and Transform Lives.

Inspirational & Keynote Talks

Candace D. Washington is the Founder of Pivotal Impact, LLC with a heart for servant leadership and social impact. With over 10 years of career success, Candace is an invited leadership speaker and personal development guru using her gifts to empower youth, young adult leaders, and adult audiences through her inspiring, actionable talks that fill the gaps of knowledge and know-how for success.

“To whom much is given, much is required” drives her passion and commitment to equip persons with the tools to chart their trajectory, create their best life, and build a legacy of impact in the world.

Candace partners with organizations to customize talks for emerging leaders and young professional that enable the above. As a product of under resourced communities and beneficiary of leadership development programs that contributed to her growth and success, she immediately connects with her audience engaging them with her authentic, infectious personality. Her talks, drawn from life experience, are simple, practical, and powerful with step-by-step actions that incite change to transform lives.

Invite Candace today to make a Pivotal Impact in your organization!

Contact to inquire about topic areas for speaking engagements. 

Pop-Up Panels

Considering a panel event for your group? – We do all the work and deliver to your door. 

We customize transformational learning panels, provide access to underrepresented panelists, deliver the event, and measure impact. Our expert facilitated sessions create a safe space for discussion of real-world career navigation and best practices for diverse leaders and provide exposure to experienced young professionals and seasoned career leaders with a diverse/ multicultural perspective.

We consult with you to ensure content and experience of our panel talent aligns with your needs and vision.

Topic areas of focus include: 

  • Self-Awareness and Authentic Leadership
  • Leadership vs. Management
  • Coping in Corporate America
  • What to expect in the “Real World”
  • College Readiness & Internship Essentials
  • Play books of politics
  • Cultural Competence and Consciousness
  • Minority Report
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