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Keynote Engagements

CEO: Candace Washington
Real world career development
Emerging leadership training

Inspirational keynotes that educate, inspire, and transform lives

One of the best ways to introduce Pivotal Impact to your organization is an engaging virtual or onsite talk. We offer 45 – 60 minutes talks on topics that accelerate the success of interns and emerging leaders in the real world.

Our Founder, Candace D. Washington, is known for her highly energetic, empowering, and engaging delivery. As a product of under-resourced communities, she immediately connects with her audience through her authentic, infectious personality.

With over 15 years of career success, her talks drawn from life experience, are powerful with
step-by-step actions that incite change to transform lives. Students and young professionals appreciate her relatable experiences and storytelling that allows them to see themselves in her and immediately take action to elevate their outcomes.

Invite Candace to make a Pivotal Impact with a tailored a talk for your talent by clicking here or contact 312.650.9557

Most requested topics include:

  • All Will Drive: Navigate your Career with Better Grip and Traction
  • 5 Ways to Hit the Ground Running in the “Real-world”
  • What to Expect when you’re not expecting: Career Readiness & Internship Essentials
  • The Playbook of workplace politics
  • The Minority Report: Coping in Corporate America
  • The Macro of Micro-aggressions
  • List 4
Facilitating emerging leaders
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