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What our Clients are Saying

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“Candace Washington is an excellent thought-leader in the leadership and DEI space.  It’s one thing to have a project plan or strategy and it’s a whole other to have a partner that can support you with communicating the vision in a clear way that enables that strategy to be executed and thus lived successfully.”

“There’s a lot of professional development trainings I’ve been a part of but this was definitely something unique and to the core of what drives someone!”

“High-energy and engaging facilitation. Pivotal Impact delivers the message in a clear and focused way and identifies actionable next steps for participants. The team also does an excellent job of keeping clients informed and engaged through the planning process.”


“Candace is always looking for new ways to apply the best training techniques available, resulting in professional sessions with tiered levels of assessment to improve further sessions. She presents with a high level of energy and has a knack for connecting with her audience. She is committed to excellence.”

Client Case Studies

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