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What If – A Leap Into The Unknown

What If – A Leap into the Unknown

What if I fail? Oh, but darling, what if you fly…

“What if…?” All my life I’ve let those two little, now meaningless, words hold me captive. Afraid to listen to my inner voice, consistently quieting my inner self that had been tugging at me for many years in fear of the unknown. Until one day the thought of living my life not knowing what lie on the other side of “what if” became much scarier than fear itself. I made, what I know to be, the best decision of my life one year ago today!

Today, I’m celebrating my 1 year “leap year” anniversary! One year ago today, I embraced vulnerability and uncertainty (formerly my 2 least favorite things). I made a deliberate decision to walk away from the comfort of stability, trust God, and not look back. After over 10 years of career experience in corporate, non-profit, and higher education I gracefully bowed out of the 9 – 5 world to pursue my independent consulting practice full-time.

I took my leap because I have a dream. One that has been on my heart since I was 19 and although I’ve always had an idea of my “what” I wanted to be professionally, not knowing the “how” paralyzed me. Well, I still don’t know how I’m going to get to the “big picture” dream or exactly what the journey will entail; however, I finally said ENOUGH and took one step in that direction. I knew I was created for more than what life had delivered to date and I wasn’t going to fulfill my true calling from behind that desk. I wanted to use my gifts and talents creating more for my life and the lives of others as well. My situation had become painful like sitting on a nail. It was entirely possible that I could fail; however, failure is doing nothing when your heart is telling you exactly what you want to do. Failure was not an option! In my leap year, every mistake has been a lesson and opportunity for humility which, in turn, increased my faith and courage.

This year has been the most gratifying and rewarding time of my life and career! I am now a living witness that so as the quote says “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” Turning your dreams into reality! Well my universe is God, but you can call it what you wish. Either way, it HAPPENED! You hear the stories about entrepreneurs trading their social life, family, friends to live their dreams and bury their heads in work rarely to come up for air. Well, I am sure that is true for some but my story, to date, is a little different. During this year, clients have arrived at my door step (figuratively speaking) in absence of an elaborate marketing plan or sales funnel. Starting with a modest portfolio of only 3 clients, I signed a 4th client who’s contract alone exceeded my former full-time monthly salary and required less work! I have been blessed beyond measure and to think “What If” I was still behind that desk just wondering “What If!”

I know for a fact that I am exactly where I am meant to be in this moment. No longer drifting in life held captive by fear, I made a choice to trust myself, be intentional, and navigate my life. My wish is for all to navigate their path to purpose and live a fulfilled life personally and professionally. There is a long journey ahead but I welcome what’s in store because even in the valleys that will come, God has shown me that He’ll be right there. My faith is on “10” (as we say)! No more ease and comfort. Comfort became uncomfortable. Now for the climb! Find your mountain, and gear up.  Let’s meet at the top!

Fear less, Fly More.    

Lead “Your” Ship

Cheers to navigating your life! 


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  1. Awesome post! Congrats on your anniversary! No surprise to me that you’ve been so successful in such a short time. Many more to come!

  2. It is surely a leap of faith. Really the other side of fear is a facinating place. There will be tears, but not just in painful tears but breakthrough tears.

    I’ve been in this for 6 years and I’m still not where I want to be. But you know what? There is no place I’d rather finding yoruself in the land of makers is the best thing you can do for your soul when you have calling. It might not look of feel the way you thought but never doubt where you have been brought.

    Good luck on your journey, I will look for more post to fuel my need to stay on the right path, whereever it is. 🙂

  3. Goodness! You’ve said so many powerful things in such a short blog post! I’m so inspired by your leap year. What you have accomplished is nothing short of courageous.

    It’s interesting that the call to action here is to seek a mountain and climb… That definitely requires gearing up, because climbing a mountain is hard work, Lol! Getting to the top is not for the faint of heart! You are one brave lady!

    That thought of “what if…” What if I miss my calling? What if I never act on my dream, and never become the person I’m meant to be? Never reach the people I’m supposed to reach? Never help those I’m supposed to help? What if fear continues to paralyze me? Reflecting on that is kind of scary…

    Let me strap up my hiking boots! 🙂

  4. Awesome first blog! I’m happy for you! And I have ample reasons for optimism regarding your continued and maintained success now and in the future!

  5. Such an inspiring post and congratulations on your one year anniversary!! This is fantastic and very encouraging!! Wishing you many more blessings!

  6. Very Inspirational! I am very proud of you and I pray that God continues to open many more doors!!! Congrats!!!

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